The heart and soul of our recommendation engine. We offer the flexibility of redirecting your Shopping Quiz users to anywhere on your website.

When using the redirection builder, we have a similar user interface as our Conditional Logic builder. If some conditions are met, the redirection action takes your user who finish your Shopping Quiz to a specific URL. 

There are 2 main ways of using this functionality:

  1. When condition(s) are met, go to a specific URL. This is the simplest method of using the redirection function. When conditions are met when user finished answering your Shopping Quiz, the user will be redirect to that specific URL that is filled in. To use this method, simple select "Go to URL". More details and an example below. 
  2. When condition(s) are met, use multiple actions to build a URL. This is slightly more difficult to use, however this offers unlimited flexibility of sending your users to your desired locations. To start building a URL, start by adding your website URL to the input using "Add to URL". Then depending on different conditions, use either "Add to URL" (for any condition), "Add Value on Condition to URL" (for multiple select question), or "Add Answer to URL" (for text based question) to build your desired URL to redirect your users.


There are 4 action types of redirection:

  1. Go to URL - Users will be redirect to this URL for this action. Please use the full URL here or it won't work, e.g. when conditions are met, you want to redirect your users to your offer page, simple use this function and add "" in the input field.
  2. Add to URL - Use this as a path builder, e.g. 1st action add: "" then with specific conditions, 2nd action add: "collections/socks". This will then combine the path of the first and second action to become a complete url like this: ""
  3. Add Value on Condition to URL - Use this as a path builder for multiple choice answers. It is possible to add specific value to the URL builder when users are answering multiple selection question. Eg. you have a question to ask about your users' favourite color, and you have red, blue, yellow as selection. When using "Add Value on Condition to URL", it is possible to add to the URL "?colors=blue", "?colors=red", "?colors=yellow" to the URL.
  4. Add Answer to URL - Use this as a path builder for text/number answers, user's answer will be added to the URL. Eg. you have a question to ask about your user's name, and it is possible to add to the URL your user's answer into the URL builder. "?name=John", "name=Jane" etc.