A quiz is a set of questions created to engage your customers or to collect responses. You may think of it like a survey quiz, but it can do much more. 

Here is why:

- You can add logic flow to your quiz, so the next question asked is based on a response to previous question.

- You can redirect customers to different link/url of your store based on selected answers. Filter your products and customer will see their recommendation once they have completed your quiz.


Below are 3 essential parts of a quiz:

Questions: First, create questions to ask on preferences, demographics and to collect names and emails.

Logic flow: Secondly, add logic flow to guide your customers through the questions. This way your quiz will behave like a conversation. Skip irrelevant questions based on the previous answers. Find out more on our logic guide.

Redirection: Upon completing the questions, you may redirect customers to your product page based on their questions’ responses. Find out about redirection here.


Unclear about how quiz works? Check out our demo store.