To create a new question, click on your quiz after creating a new quiz. This will open up the Quiz Builder dashboard.

Question types:

Statement: This adds a statement to your quiz and it requires no response/input from your customer. You can use it to add a description or a welcome sentence.

Text: This question allows customers to input text responses (any free text can be typed in the field) Use it to collect text based responses like name.

Number: This question only allows numbers as responses. Number responses are used as  quantitative value for logic flow and product redirection.

Select: This is a multiple choice question. You may allow customers to choose one or multiple selections.

Image Select: Same as select question, but instead of text choices, customers select on multiple image choices.

Yes/No: This question has a fixed yes/no answer.

Email: This question allows customers to input text, but it will test on the response to check if it is in email format. Only response with email format i.e. '@' and dot domain is allowed. Use it to collect email response from customer.