How to integrate Shopping Quiz into your Shopify site and start using the dashboard to create your quizzes.

What is Shopping Quiz?

Shopping Quiz is a product recommendation quiz builder developed to help visitors on your Shopify website to find desired products according to their tailored needs. It essentially serves as the role of a sales assistant in your store by providing personalized recommendations based on customers’ responses to your defined questions. The quick and easy form interactions embedded in Shopping Quiz allow customers to enjoy a seamless buying experience, ultimately boosting your store’s conversion to sales.


How to install Shopping Quiz

Step 1: Click the ‘Add app’ button in our Shopify App Store listing page.

Step 2: Confirm and grant permissions to install Shopping Quiz by clicking the button ‘Install app’. Congratulations, now you should be directed to Shopping Quiz's  main dashboard automatically.


How to navigate to Shopping Quiz dashboard after installation

Navigate to ‘Apps’ under your Shopify dashboard and click on Shopping Quiz app. You will be redirected to the Shopping Quiz dashboard automatically.


How to create a new quiz

Step 1: Login to Shopping Quiz, via clicking the 'Apps' panel on your Shopify admin page. Once in Shopping Quiz page, click on Quizzes on the left menu.

Step 2: Click on “Add new Quiz”

Step 3: Give your quiz a title. You may add description to the quiz (optional).